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Family Law
Divorce, Child Custody,
Child Support, Spousal Support, Division of Assets/Debts

A family law dispute is one of the most stressful legal matters you can face. Emotions can run high. That is why it is imperative that you seek out legal assistance that can help calm the emotions by educating you about your rights, your responsibilities and the law.   Experienced Santa Rosa family law attorney, Michele Poteracke, strives to do just that.

Our legal system is adversarial by nature. It is based upon a competitive desire to win or best the other party – HOWEVER, this approach in family law can have devastating results and is NOT necessarily the right or best approach to take.

Family law is like no other area of law. While it is bound by the same rules of civil procedure and evidence, resolution of family law issues calls for making the best of a bad situation.   It truly is an area where the best to be hoped for is a win/win AND lose/lose for both parties - in other words, a compromise both parties can accept.

By its nature, family law means a sharing or division of: a) time spent with your children, b) all assets and debts accumulated during the marriage, c) financial support for your children and possibly the spouse. It means a change in your status quo. That’s why family law attorney Michele Poteracke believes you are better able to address this trying time by clearly knowing your rights...and your obligations.

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Some of the Basics about California Family Law:

1. California is a "no fault" state – if one party to a marriage wants it to end, the other party cannot stop a divorce.

2. Parties who are able to cooperate and communicate with each other, and create a shared parenting plan for their children are better able to help their children through the confusion and trauma of divorce.

3. If the parents cannot cooperate and reach agreement on a shared parenting plan that will work for them, the court will do it. The court does not look to the wishes and conveniences of the adults when determining a plan for child custody; instead, the court will determine what is in the best interest of your children, without ever having met them.

4. Both parents are obligated to use their best efforts to support their children financially; even so, the parent earning less than the other, may be entitled to child support from the other parent.

5. Both husband and wife are expected to act as responsible adults and therefore be self supporting to the greatest extent possible; even so, the party earning less may be entitled to spousal support from the other for at least a limited time period.

6. California is a community property state – generally, all earnings and the accumulation of wealth and debt during the marriage, belong to both husband and wife equally.

Sometimes, finding mutual ground upon which to resolve issues is impossible – emotions may be too raw, or personal dysfunction may be an issue – and an adversarial litigated divorce or paternity/custody action cannot be avoided. At such times, you need effective legal assistance; Fairfield family law attorney, Michele Poteracke is prepared to help you through the litigation process, prepare your case and present you in the best light.


We are in the business of providing excellent legal representation to our clients, and believe doing so means you are always kept informed and involved in every aspect of your case.

We are in the business of providing excellent legal representation to our clients, and believe doing so means you are always kept informed and involved in every aspect of your case.

Speak with a Knowledgeable and Experienced Family Law Attorney about Your Options - Learn about Your Rights and Responsibilities

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